Can sanitiser units make the air in workplaces safer to breathe?

Airflow in offices

As Omicron spreads, can sanitiser units make the air in workplaces safer to breathe and are they worth the cost? This is the question that Stuff raises with several industry experts including Jacksons Managing Director Lance Jimmieson.

The main concern is that there is a lot of misinformation circulating, which is not backed up by hard evidence from published independent research. What we see is research commissioned and paid for by manufacturers of air purification systems.

On the plus side he says Covid-19 has put increased focus on indoor air quality, when previously it was largely on making buildings energy efficient, and he says his consultancy is getting a lot of enquiries

“It’s being driven by staff asking, ‘is this a safe place to be inside, and what have you done to air conditioning systems to ensure our safety?’”

The problem is that the virus particles are microscopic, so some can potentially get through even high-grade filters, but they can be dealt to by ultraviolet light, like that used to sterilise water.

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