Case Study: Blue River Dairy

Blue River Dairy
Blue River Dairy

Project scope:

Located in Invercargill, Blue River Dairy is the southern-most infant formula manufacturer in the world. Blue River Dairy started its life making award-winning cheeses – in 2015, they became the first manufacturing plant in the world to export sheep milk infant formula.

Last year they embarked on plans to build a new baby formula powder-mixing and canning processing factory. Jacksons was chosen for the design of the HVAC system and Blue River Diary were confident they would get a fit-for-purpose solution based on Jacksons reputation and successful past projects within this industry. Due to past experience, Jacksons knew what was involved with designing a HVAC system specific for a dairy factory.

Jackson’s solution:

With the product being destined for babies, there were intricacies around the design of the HVAC system which needed to adhere to strict food and hygiene requirements. Our early involvement in the build meant we were able to offer advice and work with the building contractor to ensure there was adequate plant space to house all the necessary equipment to maintain factory pressurisation and relative humidity.

As well as creating systems that are compliant to the food and hygiene codes, Blue River Diary also wanted a system that was energy efficient. The use of heat pump chillers to provide cooling and heating for the factory was one area where we could demonstrate the benefit of utilising modern technology – for example, reclaiming the heat rejection from the chiller to provide heating elsewhere in the factory if required. This was a great opportunity to reduce the overall operating expenses of the plant.


The HVAC system design has been accepted by Blue River Diary and installation is expected to start in April 2019. We’ve created a HVAC system that’s economical to run with good stable factory conditions, while meeting all the stringent pressure and hygiene requirements to fulfil Blue River Diary obligations when producing such an important product.

Jacksons continue to work on exciting projects with Blue River Diary involving heating and cooling plant upgrades within the existing factory.