Case study: Maldives Underwater Restaurant

Maldives Underwater Restaurant
Maldives Underwater Restaurant

The brief:

We were asked to come up with a concept and design for the ventilation and air conditioning systems of an underwater restaurant in the Maldives – a world first.


Being in the tropics and submerged in water of 28-30 degrees, year-round cooling and dehumidification was required so we created a specially designed seawater-cooled chiller with titanium heat exchangers. The system also had to be very quiet, so we located the plant on a jetty above water. To avoid creating draughts for diners in the restaurant, we used adjustable grilles mounted at sill level along both sides of the room to dispense the conditioned air.

Final outcome:

All materials were shipped to either Singapore where the unit was constructed or directly to the Maldives from New Zealand; staff from Airpro Mechanical Ltd carried out the installation under our supervision. We successfully commissioned the system over an all-too-short visit to the island and it has proven to be very effective.