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Equipment deliveries causing you a problem. What can we do?

What’s happening out there? Global supply chain congestion ranging from parts shortages, port congestion and shipping delays is causing lengthy delays with equipment deliveries. The Building Services industry is not immune. Manufacturers worldwide are having to rethink their logistics strategies, moving from JIT (Just-in-time) and Kanban ‘LEAN’ workflow management techniques which minimise stock holdings &…


What needs to start before systems stop working?

Facility Managers often need to be jugglers too, keeping the needs of building occupants met with one hand while keeping the building manager they report to, and often the building owner, happy with the other. It can be tempting to defer reporting problems for as long as possible, while immediate demands often make long-term planning…


How does emerging technology change building systems?

Like all areas of technology, there is rapid innovation and convergence happening in the field of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems. The technology is getting smarter, with mobile apps that can control HVAC systems from a central point, receive maintenance alerts and even raise work orders for maintenance. IoT, the Internet of Things,…


As the climate changes, will yours?

Global warming is a real phenomenon. Our climate is changing. The way buildings respond to this change will need to continually evolve. Alongside this, our social climate has also changed. Tenant expectations of what they consider to be a comfortable environment have moved with the times. Back in the 1970s, air conditioning was considered a…


Do self-managing systems still need managers?

The promise of automation has always been that machines can take over the work we do as humans. While we are not quite at the sci-fi stage of autonomous buildings, many Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems now integrate a sophisticated Building Management System (BMS). These systems can take care of a range of…


Is recycling and repurposing a responsible way to renew?

For anyone managing a building, change is inevitable. Building usage might change, such as office spaces repurposed for educational purposes. Tenants can change, bringing with them new requirements. Or the manufacturing process within a factory can change. All three examples mean rethinking the HVAC system that is currently in place, especially for a solution that’s…


When is the cost of innovation worth paying?

Innovation is a popular buzzword in business but is often just used to mean ‘putting in something new’. When a building owner is faced with the need to upgrade or replace their HVAC systems, they will often be pitched an ‘innovative’ solution – but does it meet their true needs? In their eagerness to specify…


Will regenerating your system regenerate your workplace?

Like any part of a building, the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) have a finite lifespan. But upgrading the HVAC plant is often low on the priority list, below cosmetic changes or interior refits that appeal to current or potential tenants. While it’s not as instantly appealing as a paint job and new floor…


Does a healthy building create a healthier business?

Ever started to get sick on a Monday, suffered all week, then found yourself bouncing back on the weekend? Or seen the same in your employees or co-workers? Jokes about ‘being sick of work’ aside, there can be a very real reason for these workplace blues. Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) is a recognised condition where…


Can we upgrade our knowledge as well as our systems?

If you have a 20-year-old car, you can keep it running for a long time by replacing parts as they fail and keeping it serviced. But it is never going to be a brand-new car, with all the advances in fuel efficiency, comfort and performance that entails. A 20-year-old car was designed with the knowledge…