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We found this article on an interesting article so thought we’d share it. It raises the topic of seismic restraint of services, such as air conditioning, within commercial office buildings. The Insurance Council of New Zealand (ICNZ) would also like engineers to check whether these ‘non-structural’ components – air conditioning units, fire-sprinklers, phone and…

Case Studies

Manapouri powerstation ventilation upgrade and refurbishment

In 1994 Jackson’s Otago & Southland Branch Manager Howard Healey prepared a report on the underground powerhouse ventilation systems for the powerstation’s then-owner ECNZ. In 2010, current owner Meridian Energy engaged Healey to provide a condition assessment of station’s ventilation systems as part of the powerstation’s half-life upgrade (it was built in 1971).


New Office in Hastings

Our Hawke’s Bay team are very proud of their new office space, located on the corner of Queen Street and Hastings Street. When Jacksons became aware of a proposed business HQ development, targeted to provide a central hub for professional engineering and financial businesses, our ears pricked up. Our team of four had outgrown their…