Our Process

Efficient processes deliver exceptional results

Our engineering design process is streamlined for efficiency and ensures we stay true to the demands of your business

We design it to maintain focus but adapt and flex to the different needs of every business and building. We approach every project on its own terms with every action being informed by our experience and expertise, it will be specific to your situation and your current and future needs.

1. Listen & Align

First, we listen to understand and gain insights, asking relevant questions to draw out a clear brief. We observe and research, to find both your known and unknown needs. We then partner with you to start working on a solution, informed by our shared values, your project vision and your terms of engagement.

2. Define

Next, we define the scope of your project. We interpret your brief and share a clear distillation of it, translating your requirements into a clear work scope. We set parameters for what’s in and out of scope and what your budget limits are. Then we undertake a feasibility study, set a project plan, and begin a holistic process to conceptualise a solution.

3. Design

In this stage we design a total solution for you. This includes detailed engineering, drawings and specifications. We ensure our solution complies with all relevant codes. This is also the stage where our expertise, experience and competency shine, as we find ways to innovate to more effectively deliver what you need.

4. Deliver

We proactively take the lead on delivering your project to our exacting standards. This means meeting deadlines, keeping communication lines open, and carefully managing budgets. When we manage a project, we are acting on your behalf, seeing it through until construction is finished and our solution performs to your and our expectations.

5. Verify

The final stage of our process is ongoing. We ensure the solution is correctly commissioned and set up, fine tuning everything so your building performs in the way it was designed to. We check in with tenants and end users, providing training where required. We review and critique the project, so that any valuable insights can be recycled into future projects with you and with other clients.