Jacksons Social Responsibility


Business ethics

We approach our work with integrity and respect for the people elements, with a commitment to providing equal opportunities for all. We genuinely care for and value every individual we work with, seeking to understand them and what matters to them to build a positive relationship.

We question everything, even ourselves and seek out solutions that work. We enjoy innovation, research and pushing the envelope to find new ways to achieve the best outcomes for everyone and the environment.

Trust is absolute for us. We ‘walk the talk’ and stick to our word. Collaborative and cooperative, we are comfortable in our own skins and strive to be open and supportive to others.

Doing the right thing matters and we always take ownership of our actions. We do not push responsibilities onto others. We stay inquisitive, listening, reading, and learning; it keeps us adaptable and flexible in response to changing circumstances.

Above all, we adhere to our purpose, vision, and mission so that our company’s existence is beneficial to our people, to other businesses and to the society we live and work in.

Preserving the Environment

Everything we do impacts our environment. Our organisation’s ethos is all about understanding environments and changing how they work for people, for business, for better. We know that global warming is real, and our climate is changing. That means the way buildings respond to climate shifts will need to continually evolve. At Jacksons we encourage and help our customers to take higher environmental standards seriously.

Supporting our community and our children

Creating a better environment is what we’re all about, and we do it for the children. That extends beyond the day-to-day work we do; that’s why Jacksons contributes to a range of social initiatives to support important human needs. We support local communities who are positively improving people’s lives, and charities that give children hope to enjoy a better future.

  • Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust – Air ambulance and Search & Rescue
  • Radio Lollipop – For Children in Hospital
  • Southern Stars – for special needs and disadvantaged children
  • Special Children’s Christmas Parties – for kids with ill-health, disabilities and challenging home circumstances
  • Police Managers Guild Trust – Working towards safer communities
  • Foster Kids (HB) – Supporting disadvantaged kids
  • Salvation Army – Fighting poverty, caring for people
  • 900 Degrees NZ – Keeping our kids safe
  • Kidney Kids – Supporting Kiwi kids living with Kidney Disease