Enhancing the relationship between people and environment

We depend on a healthy planet to live a healthy life. Sustainability is about meeting those healthy needs today, without adversely impacting on the needs of tomorrow.

When we recognise the benefits provided by our natural environment, we take more care with the living and non-living components of our environment and maintain them for future generations. This commitment, expressed in the Maori world view as kaitiakitanga, can be understood as guardianship. We take responsibility for the environment through the use of sustainable practices.

Creating healthier spaces

At Jacksons Engineering, we work with air, water and energy for the benefit of people’s wellbeing.

HVAC systems use air to keep people comfortable and healthy. Hydraulics systems provide clean water for drinking and washing, through to managing waste, drainage and more. And we enhance the comfort, safety, and usability of spaces through electrical systems like lighting and heating.

This aligns with the traditional understanding of the intimate relationship between people and their environment, where the health of a community is reflected in its environment and vice versa. Our expertise as environmental guardians creates a legacy of value for our clients, our environments, and our communities.

Providing sustainability expertise

With every project, we strive to offer to our clients technical advice and innovative, practical solutions to enable their buildings and infrastructure to be sustainable. We consider every detail of a project across its lifecycle, as well as the systemic view of how our designs might positively influence other sustainable outcomes connected to the project.

Jacksons Engineering are committed to ensuring that our people remain at the forefront of approaches to environmental challenges and provide strategic long-term sustainable thinking for our clients and our communities.
At Jacksons Engineering we can make the greatest impacts by:

  • Our ability to design and deliver sustainable outcomes across our projects
  • The provision of targeted decarbonisation strategies within our projects
  • Enabling intelligent management of a building’s indoor environment
  • Providing Energy Assessments and strategic planning advice
  • Assisting clients improve their NABERSNZ energy efficiency rating
  • Assisting clients with Green Star Designs and Ratings
  • Providing H1 Energy Efficiency Assessments and advice