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Our higher purpose

We are a close knit group of multi-disciplinary building services engineers with high principles and an even higher purpose.

That purpose is to improve the way buildings work – new buildings, old buildings, commercial, industrial, medical, and more.

It’s in our DNA to follow sustainably focussed engineering principles, weaving innovative ideas with our blend of fundamental academic and practical skills. You can see this at work in our engineering design for the world’s first underwater restaurant in the Maldives.

We champion change

We’ve taken up the challenge to lead the conversation around people and building health. We regularly share our thinking on topics like how climate change impacts a building’s performance, or how to create fit-for-purpose spaces through improved indoor air quality. Are you up for that challenge too? If you are, let’s talk about how you could join our enthusiastic team and help create a sustainable future for all, one building at a time.

A supportive culture

We offer a supportive environment to learn and grow your skills. Across our team, we have an industry-leading average of 29 years direct experience fuelling our award-winning engineering designs. This depth of experience encourages a creative, nurturing environment where you’re surrounded by smart people, including some of the most experienced engineers in the country.

We promote a very collaborative design process, leveraging the collective intelligence and experience of the team. We take a ‘two heads are better than one’ approach, conducting internal peer reviews of all projects so that our clients know everything is double checked before being issued for action.

Our values

Our company values are centred around real people and relationships. They’re not just printed and framed on the wall: we live them every day.

People First

Our priority is to nurture the development and wellbeing of our staff, who will naturally extend exceptional care and service to our customers.


Trust is our cornerstone for cultivating a safe and supportive environment. One of unity where collaboration and creativity thrive.


Our Purpose ignites our passion to enhance our own performance and help elevate our industry.

Do the Right Thing


By taking ownership of our actions and staying aligned withour values, we prioritise what is right for all stakeholders.

What’s it like to work here?

We have adopted a high trust, full hybrid business model for working, in recognition that real people have unique and individual circumstances. We encourage all staff to look after their families and home life as their top priority without the need to explain or make excuses. Happy staff invariably bring their best selves to work!

We actively encourage personal development to not only create talented engineers, but to develop great people. We see that as the ultimate in transferable skills.

Your geographical location is less important than your ability to fit our culture and technical work requirements for the benefit of our customers.

I enjoy working at Jackson’s because I find the flexibility and diversity of projects appealing. It allows me to engage in a wide range of tasks and adapt my workload to my skills and interests.

Campbell Wittstock

Jacksons is truly family orientated with a “family first, work second” attitude. The company is spread over multiple offices, but great management ensures we all form part of the Jacksons family.

– Eddie Bruwer

I like the people I work with.

Jonathon Haines

I’m part of a team which consists of a great bunch of highly skilled Building Services Engineers who enjoy each other’s company, share similar values, attitudes, and goals.

Kevin O’Connor

Get in Touch

We’re always on the lookout for great people. If you would like to register your interest in working as a part of our team simply, fill in the form below and attach your CV.

We look forward to talking soon.


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