2019 Jackson’s conference a success!

Jacksons HVAC team at Conference 2019

At Jacksons, our internal culture and employee happiness are very, very important to us. We care a lot about our employees and want our team to feel included, needed and valued. This is not always an easy task with 24 team members, spread out across the country with five offices in Auckland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty , Hawke’s Bay & Central Region and Otago & Southland!

Our team members often work across divisions on projects, to make sure we’re making the most of our mix of skill sets – it’s important that we continue to foster a positive internal culture. So as well as our usual quarterly staff updates and monthly emails from our MD Lance, we arranged a physical get-together so all members of our team could meet each other, face to face, and spend time together. 

In August we hosted our second Jackson’s conference – two days in Auckland with guest speakers and the entire team present.

Guest speaker Sarah Laurie, an author and stress expert, shared some great tips around performance and stress management, with practical advice on tools we can use when the going gets tough. 

As managing director Lance Jimmieson says, “As engineers, it’s great to understand some of the science associated with how both breathing and mindset have an immediate physiological impact on our performance and the ability to turn on a dime from a “Pressure State” to a “Performance State”. The real trick here is to notice it not only in yourself but in your colleagues, holding each other to account to keep the stress levels under control and in perspective.” 

Business performance coach Zac de Silva shared the “Top 10 traits of a successful business” – a motivating and insightful presentation that has inspired us all to focus on the right elements to become truly world-class, not just in our industry but among all businesses. 

Surprise guest, Jacksons founder Brian Jackson (now retired), shared his story and captured the essence of what it means to be part of the Jacksons team, while capturing the attention and admiration of everyone present! Our commitment to the future is to hold true to his original vision and work ethic, based on sound engineering, fundamental thinking and flawless execution of our work.

We finished with discussions around the business structure and how we might tweak things to facilitate even more of a high-performance team. 

MD Lance Jimmieson says, “It was a very productive two days in numerous respects and a great opportunity for everyone to meet each other, reacquaint and share a few stories! We have an impressive team which we can all be proud to be a part of!”