Auckland International Airport

Auckland International Airport
Auckland International Airport

The brief:

Auckland International Airport is a long-term client who values well-engineered air conditioning and ventilation systems. We’ve worked with them on various projects, including:

  • An upgrade programme on a number of existing buildings, typically requiring chiller replacement, remedial work on HVAC fit-outs and upgrades of electrical and control systems.
  • Site-wide strategies for Building Management Systems. As part of this we design and install metering and sub-metering to allow energy monitoring and verification of energy consumption. This enables us to help create further energy-saving strategies.
  • Peer review services on new facilities, from concept, initial design and detailed design through to construction and commissioning stages of the projects. This work ensures the client receives efficient, well-operating buildings that fit within the overall engineering strategies for the site.

A special mention:

The airport environment is a harsh one, due to the coastal location, high traffic volumes and aviation fuel in the atmosphere. As a result, corrosion protection is always high on the agenda. Items such as air-cooled chillers are highly specified with additional corrosion protection from the factory and then retrofitted with stainless steel fixings upon arrival in NZ. Equipment is sourced directly by Auckland Airport, under our supervision to ensure the highest standards are maintained. Extended warranties are also negotiated with the suppliers.