Jacksons on Newshub Nation

Lance Jimmieson on Newshub Nation

Our MD Lance Jimmieson appeared on Newshub Nation on Saturday (level 4 conditions were applied at all times!) to talk about the spread of Delta in NZ and what we need to address in terms of ventilation to mitigate the risk. This comes on the back of Jacksons releasing white papers about how to use HVAC systems to mitigate the spread of airborne diseases (like Covid) to help clients, colleagues and other industries. We suspected way back in the first lockdown that Covid might be an airborne disease, like SARS was, and spread through the air rather than on things – sounds like we were bang on, which is why ventilation is so important to get on top of this now.

The Newshub Nation story brilliantly explains in simple terms how Delta is spreading and why improved ventilation in schools, buses, MIQ facilities and offices if vital if we want to get on top of this pandemic.

Watch this link from 45 minutes onwards to see the story.