Another successful training initiative – air conditioning systems for healthcare facilities

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On 10th June, our MD Lance Jimmieson and Auckland Commercial Lead Kyle Calder put their considerable expertise in HVAC Engineering to good use by running an air conditioning training session for the Auckland District Health Boards Facilities & Development team.

The Facilities team has a broad range of responsibilities, covering replacement of critical aging services plant and equipment, campus site services, central plant and control systems, as well as having responsibility for preventative maintenance for the building services systems.

Training covered the basics of air conditioning systems as applicable to healthcare facilities, with a focus on comfort and complaints. The interactive session drilled down into common complaints and their underlying psychological and physical root causes.

The aim was to better equip the team to identify underlying issues behind occupant complaints to improve short term responses as well as enabling the team to follow-up with more robust long term remedial measures.

The longer term outcomes feed into the Facilities teams’ ability to reduce repeat complaints and improve amenity value of the facilities, all helping to drive down service and energy costs over time.

The session was well received, with lots of practical advice to make real world improvements.

Thanks to Ed Kidd (GM Operations) and the Facilities team.


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