Training manufacturers

laboratory worker looking through microscope
Laboratory worker looking through microscope

At Jackson Engineering, we often run in-house training for companies who want their staff to know more about HVAC+R engineering, systems, performance management and more. We were thrilled to be invited to run a two-day training recently for Merck Sharp & Dohme Animal Health. Below is the feedback from Lee-Ann Carrasco, lead validation engineer at MSD Animal Health.

“At Merck Sharp & Dohme Animal Health we produce a wide range of products and services that help veterinarians, pet owners and farmers care for their animals. Some of those products are manufactured here in New Zealand, in strict manufacturing conditions, which involves precise HVAC conditions. We engaged Lance Jimmieson from Jackson Engineering to address people from our engineering, validation, manufacturing operations, quality control and vaccine manufacture teams in a two-day training session. Our aim was to give our team an in-depth understanding of how our HVAC systems work with regards to the engineering of the AHU and controls philosophy. Over the 12 hours of training, Lance used his practical hands-on experience to cover topics such as HVAC fundamentals, performance vs functionality, BMS control and critical monitoring, and current Pharma Cleanroom standards of compliance for all testing. Our attendees found the session very informative with excellent responses from Lance to any questions. We’d recommend Lance and Jacksons to other companies looking for a similar workshop – Jacksons was very approachable, had great industry knowledge and showed us practical application of how HVAC impacts other areas on industry.”

— Lee-Ann Carrasco, lead validation engineer at MSD Animal Health