Maldives Underwater Restaurant – Part 2

Maldives Underwater Restaurant
Maldives Underwater Restaurant

The brief:

We were tasked with designing the mechanical services for another underwater restaurant in the Maldives – our second of this nature and the largest to date!


The resort developer (Champalars Holdings) chose Jacksons because we did the only other previous underwater restaurant in the world (you can read about that here). As such, we were able to build on our experience with the previous installation, utilizing a sea-water-cooled chiller, EC fans and adjustable air diffusers to provide efficient draft free air conditioning. The mechanical services ducting within the restaurant itself were installed during construction of the unit in New Plymouth, New Zealand under our supervision before shipping to the Maldives. The chiller and other plant, also purpose built in NZ to our design was installed and commissioned in the Maldives.

Final outcome:

It has been a challenging and very enjoyable project to work on, alongside Structural Engineer MJ Murphy Ltd, Contractor Aircool Refrigeration Ltd. and the New Plymouth based builder of the underwater restaurant, Fitzroy Engineering. The restaurant opened to the public in August 2016 and is a star attraction of the resort.


Check out this amazing drone and underwater footage of the ‘sinking’ of the restaurant in the Maldives.