Chiller Replacement for 280 Queen Street

Chiller replacement
Chiller replacement

The brief:

280 Queen Street has had major changes over its lifetime, including the addition of a second tower block in 1991. Our client required a full review on the existing 20-year-old chiller system.


Jacksons completed a detailed assessment of the cooling loads. Despite the increase in building size, the new apartment block offered significant solar shading and had shading fins attached to the building, which meant we could reduce the chilled water system capacity from 2300kW to 1720kW and reduce the number of chillers from 3 to 2. Our solution included the addition of a chilled water-buffer tank, new chilled water pumps matched to the loads and additions, and a recommission of the Building Management System controls. Installation of the 11m, 11-tonne chiller was no small feat – it required the use of a 300-tonne crane with a 20m fly job for additional reach, set up in one of Auckland’s narrowest shopping streets.

Final outcome:

A cost-efficient, more energy-efficient solution for our client, which will save them money in the long run.