Jacksons’ MD Lance Jimmieson recently attended the ISH trade fair in Germany – the world’s leading trade fair for bathroom, building, energy, air conditioning technology and renewable energies – as a guest of KE KELIT NZ. Find out more about this amazing fair in the below Q&A with James Alderdice, Business Development at KE KELIT.

Tell me about the ISH show – is this the first time you have been or is it a regular event on your calendar? 

This is the first time KE KELIT New Zealand has taken customers across but our head office, based in Linz Austria, has been in regular attendance with a trade site to show global customers our products. ISH 2017 exceeded our expectations and underpinned its position as the world’s leading trade fair for the plumbing and heating industry.

NZ is geographically challenged so ISH is a great opportunity for us to see and be hands-on with modern technology and leading innovative systems, viewing products from global companies and pioneering the way forward for our country, taking the lead from our European counterparts. For example, the press piping system KE KELIT NZ distributes is a recent installation methodology for installers using C- Steel, stainless steel and copper pipe systems in this country but it has been used for over 30 years in Europe.

What was the most mind-blowing thing about your trip?

The size of the event is difficult to put into words. There are over 2400 exhibitors showcasing products in an area exceeding 260,000 square meters. More than 200,000 people came to the event! There is not enough time to visit all the exhibitors so you have to plan your days in advance so you don’t miss out on what you want to see. The event is an excellent platform for dialogue with customers and partners looking at innovative products and discussing the capabilities of our product groups.

What was your favourite stall/s and why?

It’s difficult to categorise a favourite as each stall had its own niche and spin of product developments and place in the market. They were all pretty impressive. The European market is globally acknowledged as the leader in this industry – even in a market where you believe there is no room for any further improvement, seeing it all first-hand demonstrates to you that there still can be.

What did you take away from the trip?

The scope of products and availability of different solutions to common applications is what really sparked conversation within our group. Businesses are always looking to refine and increase efficiency and demonstrating performance of our product range first hand helps reaffirm this.

What is new or interesting at KE KELIT that we should know about? 

KE KELIT NZ has confirmed sole distribution with the below companies under their management. This enables KE KELIT NZ to offer a “one-stop shop solution” for our customers.

Flamco –

Meibes –

Nexis Valves –

Simplex –

Vogel & Noot (Radiators etc) –

To find out more about the ISH trade fair: