Hellmann Worldwide Logistics Ltd

Hellmans Head Office
Hellmans Head Office

The brief:

We were initially asked review the refrigeration tenders Hellmann Worldwide Logistics Ltd had received for their build of a cold-storage and warehousing facility near Auckland Airport. Our role mushroomed from there. We provided a mix of project management and engineering management across a variety of installations, including refrigeration, insulated panel rooms, racking, scissor lift and rapid rollerdoors in what was a very complex building. The whole project was driven by HWL’s wish to make good, long-term investments and avoid making any dumb decisions.


The project management tasks included programming, developing contract documents, contract administration, obtaining Building Consents and assistance with risk management planning. Engineering management included documentation of HWL’s technical requirements, reviewing the contractors’ proposals, integration of the different systems, management of the interface between HWL’s systems and the building shell, and overview of installation and commissioning. Central to all this was the creation of a respectful site environment where the contractors were able to apply their awesome skills and deliver first-class systems.

Final outcome:

All systems were installed and commissioned as planned, and HWL moved into their stunning new facility in October 2015. We are currently helping to optimize the performance of the systems as HWL’s particular operating patterns evolve.