Common problems with air conditioning systems

Common problems with air conditioning systems

It’s too hot; it’s freezing cold; man, it’s stuffy in here. If your team is constantly moaning about the state of your air conditioning, you might need to take a look at improving it. Happy staff are more productive staff, right?

The best thing you can do is to install a new and better-designed air conditioning system. But, if this is too major and Simon from Accounts says no, there are 8 simple things you can do to improve the performance of your air conditioning system.


  1. Make sure the system is on all day. Don’t fiddle with the controls and try to control the temperature yourself.
  2. Make sure the thermostat is not obstructed so it can accurately sense the room air temperature. If you have a filing cabinet, shelving, photocopier or a stack of paperwork leaning against it, move it.
  3. If you have access and are able to, set the thermostat to about 21–22ºC.
  4. If possible, set the blades on the air supply outlets to they blow upwards and across the ceiling in summer – that should eliminate any icy blasts. In winter, move these blades to focus more downwards, to allow for the fact that hot air rises.
  5. Do not have the blades blowing directly at anyone. Or anything, actually, such as light fittings.
  6. Make sure that the return air grilles are unobstructed.
  7. Windows are a natural enemy of air conditioning. Use blinds to control heat from the sun if you can.
  8. To avoid the stuffy office that makes everyone want to fall asleep, open a window a little – but not too much – for a supply of fresh air.

If you use these easy tactics you should find that you have a more comfortable air-conditioning system for the tenants or staff in your building.